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National Environmental Equipment (NATEE)

Established in 2013, we import and sell high-quality specialist infrastructure maintenance and service equipment for:

  • Cleaning all types of stormwater, sewer systems, tanks and structures with limited access
  • Hydro excavation or non-destructive digging
  • Vacuum excavation and loading of wet and dry materials
  • High-pressure surface cleaning of pedestrian areas, spillage areas, or large yards or complexes.

Our Story

We have over 16 years’ hands-on field experience in the maintenance and service of
in-ground stormwater and sewer network systems, hydro excavation of infrastructure and sensitive assets, plus the vacuum loading/unloading of dry and wet materials.

  • We know the industry.
  • We know the challenges you face.
  • We know what works.
  • We know the products that will get the job done professionally, swiftly and most efficiently.

We provide clients with solutions to unique problems for their infrastructure maintenance needs.

For stormwater and sewer cleaning, we were looking for well-engineered, quality products that delivered excellent value through performance, capability and state-of-the art technology. Kaiser equipment met all of our criteria.

We know from our experience that the Kaiser products deliver on their promise of high-quality engineering that meet all of the Australian Design Rules (ADR) for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions.

As Kaiser’s Australian Service Partner, we want you to also experience the benefits that Kaiser equipment can bring to your business through:

  • Innovative technical solutions
  • High quality engineering
  • High performance
  • Efficiency
  • Long-term cost effectiveness
  • Green credentials.

We are offering three vehicle types and can have them configured to your specifications:

To find out more information about these impressive vehicles and their capabilities, contact us today

NATEE also service Kaiser pumps and Scania trucks.


100 Years of Innovation – 100 Years of Kaiser

In 2013, Kaiser celebrated its 100th birthday. The company started out as a small repair workshop servicing agricultural vehicles and has grown to today’s company of four manufacturing plants and dealerships/service points in 19 countries around the world. Kaiser continues to build on its passion for quality engineering, innovation and technology, and customer service.

Today, Kaiser vehicles operate on five continents, in 116 countries and well over 1,000 cities. The company has become the global market leader in the development and production of specialised vehicles for stormwater and sewer cleaning, industrial disposal, and mobile walking excavators. In the area of vehicle mounted water recyclers, Kaiser is the world leader, and continues to invest significantly more in research and development than its competitors.

The KAISER Philosophy

We strongly believe that innovations, which are targeted at increasing customer benefits, are of key importance to keep our lead in technology and to further strengthen our market position in the future.

Our international experience of many years provides us with a thorough understanding of our customers’ environment. In a cooperation based on mutual trust, we are developing application-oriented solutions, which will provide you with crucial competitive advantages.

For us, the sale of a product is not a conclusion but a beginning:
We will help and support you so that you will be able to fully utilise the potential of our vehicles. Our mission is to impress you with the excellence of KAISER products and services.

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